Floor is the main feature, which can be installed with a choice of materials for the surface: parquet, tiles, carpets and others. I do quality flooring work from start to finish. Once I have completed all your scheduled work, you will be fully prepared to move into the room. Interested in flooring your dream home? Contact me.

Kitchen Fitting

We spend quite a long time in the kitchen, so it is very important that it meets our needs and expectations. If you are planning to remodel or install your dream kitchen, then you can feel free to contact me and we will find the best solutions for your kitchen layout, kitchen furniture, home appliances, and other important items. I will do all the assembly and installation work quickly and reliably.

Door/Window fitting

Warm and cozy accommodation depends on many elements. One of them is windows and doors. I offer you to install doors and windows in newly installed dwellings, also I help to replace your old windows and doors with new ones. I work with both the inner and outer door. Window installation requires a great deal of care and diligence, as poor quality windows can reduce the heat resistance of your home.

Skirting/Architrave fitting

Skirting and architraves around windows and doors often add extra charm  and coziness to your home. Contact me and we’ll find the best options for your home. Let me help you to install quality new skirting boards or replace old ones with new ones, and I can easily replace old edges around doors and windows with new ones.

House renovation

It is no secret that every home requires maintenance and from time to time renovation work. In my services list, I offer you a complete home renovation package. Let’s completely renovate your home from floor to ceiling. Let’s adjust the layout of the house, renovate the kitchen and your other rooms. A complete home renovation will not only make you feel like you are in a new place, it will also save you money by doing everything together.

Loft conversion

Old and unused places nowadays are very often recreated to lofts where young families or students settle. Think you have such facilities and would like to use them effectively? Or maybe you already have a loft and you want to upgrade or remodel? Then I am ready to hear your wishes. Contact me and we will find the best solution for you together.

Handyman service

Every day we are faced with a variety of smaller or larger household tasks that we do not always have the time to do. That is why I can help you with all kinds of household services: fixing faulty plumbing, broken doors or windows, kitchen or other home furniture, installing additional cabinets and other things. All of your problems can be resolved very quickly.


I do all kinds of outdoor and indoor painting works. It all starts with a well-prepared foundation, which must be of high quality, then the interior or exterior walls look beautiful. Let’s paint the walls of your home in any color or texture you want. If you are not sure which option is best for you, you can contact me for a consultation and I will help you to find the best solution.

First fix carpentry works

Are you redesigning your home and want an extra wall? Or maybe you want to replace your roof panels? I can help to install wooden wall coverings, replace or install new wooden structures for the roof of your home. With the wooden structures, you can also have a wooden terrace next to your home, which I can help to install. Interested? Contact me today.